Healthcare sector has attracted many companies that provide exceptional services that target to improve the quality of services patients receive. Many of the companies specialize in information technology while others specialize in software that improves service delivery. Many of the companies have invested heavily in getting to where they are today. Some companies have worked smart, and that is why they have become top players in the healthcare sector. Below is a detailed discussion of the best examples of healthcare companies that have used exceptional healthcare content marketing campaigns to become successful.

Mayo Clinic

Content marketing has helped Mayo Clinic to get to great heights in the healthcare sector. The healthcare provider has worked hard in coming up with a blog where they share vital information. On the website, they give their customers an opportunity to share their stories. Also, their experts interact with the customers as well as their relatives to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the site. Mayo Clinic has also worked hard to get a strong presence in social media. They share interesting as well as relevant content on the social media platforms which has enabled them to get over 700000 likes on Facebook and 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

Greenway Health

Information technology has come to makes work easy for every sector. The healthcare sector needs experts in IT and Greenway Health has come with experts and information technologies that target to improve the sector. Greenway Health has a site where they post informative, interesting and accurate contents. One thing that has made Greenway successful is that they know their target customers and use engaging and relevant contents to attract and keep them. They have also used experts who create quick links which visitors and customers can click to get to more contents. They also use premium content offers which help them convert leads into customers.


HIMSS is another healthcare company that has enjoyed a successful content marketing campaign. The company has an easy to use website where users can search for information using topics or content types. On top of that HIMSS has improved their online presence including social media. They use high-quality images and infographics that engage their ideal customers as well as their clients.


RevenueXL is one of the healthcare companies that has a highly visible blog. The company uses content that pleases their clients. One thing about their content is that it is highly educative and the language is tailored explicitly towards their buyer persona. On top of that in all their content, they have quick links as well as call-to-action statements.


Mayo Clinic, HIMSS, RevenueXL, and Greenway Health have shown the world that content marketing can help healthcare companies to grow. The companies use high quality and informative contents that help them grow their customer base. Therefore, content marketing can help any business to grow. If you don’t know how, you can contact Sure Oak to get insights and tips on how you can make your startup great using inbound marketing campaigns.

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